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May 2014

Dear Prayer Partners,

I was sitting thinking about Volmoed and decided that it has many facets – like a diamond – and each facet is extra special with its own ministry. It was wonderful on Easter Monday that one of our friends who comes each Thursday to our Morning Prayer time, joined us and experienced another of these facets that she did not know existed.......our 28th anniversary with a thanksgiving service in the Chapel with about 120 people attending and even the drizzle did not dampen spirits! 

There are things in life that touch one and stay close to one’s heart and one’s memory. Every Easter Monday this memory comes back to me.

Tommy Cozett who played the sax in the band on Easter Mondays sadly was not with us this year. He celebrated his 80th birthday on the 12th April and is battling with cancer so could not make the trip. But, we still had the band with Dick who is 86 on his guitar; Ronnie who is 69 on his guitar (recovering from a triple by-pass!) and they were accompanied with another guitarist and two on banjos. The drummer was a star! He was Matthew, Dick’s young grandson of 13 and he was excellent due to his Grandpa’s training!

Ever since I first heard Tommy sing this song it has become a tradition that he sings it each Easter Monday. I wondered who wrote the song and found it was John W. Peterson who was an air force pilot. During his long, lonely flights when he flew the China Hump he had the opportunity for prayer and meditation and felt the Lord was very near – perhaps there is no greater display of God’s power and handiwork than flying over the Himalayan Mountains. Observing these and the glories of the heavens above, he was overwhelmed by the love and power of God and suddenly the words and melody of the song began to form in his heart. I love the song and words so I am going to share with you.


My Father is omnipotent and that you can’t deny,
A God of might and miracles: ‘tis written in the sky. Chorus..
It took a miracle to put the stars in place;
It took a miracle to hang the world in space.
But when He saved my soul,
Cleansed and made me whole,
It took a miracle of love and grace!
Though here His glory has been shown, we still can’t fully see the wonders of His might, His throne till eternity Chorus ..

The Bible tells us of His power and wisdom all way through; And every little bird and flower are testimonies too. Chorus .... It took a miracle 

We give God grateful thanks for the miracle of Volmoed – His place which He set aside for the His healing ministry. We give grateful thanks for all the many miracles we have witnessed over the years at Volmoed – in peoples’ lives, in the blessings of gifts, protection for Volmoed, knowledge when needed in circumstances and many many more. We had a letter of sincere gratitude from the group from Grace Pentecostal Church that stayed for the Easter weekend. They had an awesome time in the presence of the Lord – the atmosphere was electrifying and each and every member enjoyed the comfort and stillness of the environment. Volmoed brought quietness, peace and tranquility to their souls.

In our Morning Prayer times we are reading from a book which I have quoted from before – “Running over Rocks” by Ian Adams. The chapter titled “Discover your thankfulness” spoke to me especially as I had recently witnessed the gathering of the swallows. I was sitting drinking my morning coffee on our stoep and suddenly the air was filled with swallows swooping on a feeding frenzy getting ready for their migration back to the northern hemisphere and warmth. I sat in wonder and awe watching them.

In the book Ian writes ....”A blur of dark blue, white and a splash of red. A pair of swallows swoop low over the Aune estuary, flying through the wooden posts that mark the route of the road when it’s covered at high tide, diving for insects low over the water. Their undulating flight is one of the quiet summer wonders of this part of the natural world. Following the movement through binoculars is almost impossible. Better just to see with the naked eye, to marvel, and to laugh along with the joyful nature of their work. Their flight is full of thankfulness. And when we begin to recognise this we may come to see that the flight of the swallows is just one shining tip of the whole cosmos that seems to be giving thanks. Thankfulness is bursting out from every wing tip, every mottled pebble, from every bright flower, every welcome breeze, and even from every hard rain. I want to suggest that thankfulness is part of our natural state of being. It’s waiting within us, longing to surface. But the demands of life can suppress our thankfulness, constrict it, and even flatten it. So we may need to (re) discover our thankfulness, release it and nurture it. We need to discover how to become thankful people again!”

After our Easter Monday service and everyone had picnicked and had a walk about, we all came together in the chapel. We danced joyously round and round with open hands, singing and waving colourful flags to the
gift of music from the band. A time of worship and praise. his words about “Dance Hands Open”. He says .....”Dancing through life with open hands means learning to carry lightly whatever we possess or care for. Our responsibilities and possessions are gifts, not our identity, nor our reason for being. Dancing with open hands keeps us humbly open to receiving the generosity of others, to receiving the benevolence of a cosmos pregnant with divine gift. Dancing with open hands also keeps us reaching out towards others. The things that come our way as possessions become gifts to be enjoyed, shared and passed on. Dancing with open hands ensures that we are open to joy.” 

I feel the message that I am hearing loud and clear for myself, and maybe for you, is not to take anything for
granted but to marvel at everything in creation and to give thanks. I must try not to stifle my thankfulness but to let it out! I must also remember to open my hands and not hold on too tightly or not be open to blessings that come my way. In the busyness of life I know I often forget these simple truths for which we can be so greatly blessed.


1st - 4th        Long weekend with individuals
7th               Voting Day - no visitors with us today!
9th - 11th      Gayle Barichievy's Group
9th - 11th      Disable People of South Africa Group
12th - 14th    YWAM Muizenberg Group
16th - 18th    Christ Church Kenilworth - Ladies' Group
19th - 23rd    John Frye & Graham Chevalier's Group from Fish Hoek
23rd - 25th    Invia Congregation with Gerda von Benecke
26th - 29th    O'Neil ladies retreat
30th - 1st      Hepzibah Group with Ansie de Kock

Give special thanks with us that we are BUSY!
So, dear friends, have FUN – go run in the rain, kick up the autumn leaves, dance with open hands, marvel at the gifts of nature around you and say loud hallelujah’s in praise and thankfulness! Thank YOU for your loving support. 

God bless and love from us all, Jane 

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